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Flowers For The Dance


Here are only some examples of our wrist corsages

Please note actual colors of corsages vary in comparison to images shown. Please consult

our sales associates or stop in with a swatch to match dress colors. 

                              P500   Red with Black and Silver 


                            P507  Pink with Burgundy


                          P508  Pink Cymbidium with Burgundy 

                           P509  White with Royal


                     P510    White with silver


                 P511     Red with Gold, Upgraded ribbon added


                 P512      White with Cream


            P513         Red with Cream


       P514       White with Navy, upgraded ribbon added


          P515      White with Gold, upgraded ribbon added


           P516             Pink with Navy


          P517          White with Red, upgraded ribbon added


      P518             Pink with Black

     P519          White with Aqua


      P520                   Yellow with Silver, upgraded ribbon added


      P521              Yellow with Orange


     P522             White Cymbidium with Silver



Or, Stop in and Create Your Personalized Corsage.