Brighton Footwear

Many of us know Brighton for their beautifully constructed handbags, jewelry, and accessories.

But what about their footwear? Have you been able to try on a pair, lately? They are amazing!

Here are a few reasons why the staff of Chantilly Floral Boutique love Brighton Footwear, and why you will too!

Stop in and try some foot candy! Our new sandals will be arriving soon! These styles cannot be missed!



Hand Crafted in Italy and Brazil Brighton Footwear aritsans go above and beyond to add fit features and special details that a machine just can not do. When a show is truly handcrafted, it not only feels and fits better but it looks better, too.

Fully Leather Lined When a shoe is lined with leather it holds the shape of the shoe much better. Only real leather lining absorbs moisture. Leather lining feels better and is healthier for feet.

Calfskin Leather Calfskin is a leather that holds its shape longer. Brighton uses high quality hides that look richer and feel better.

Shock Foam / Comfort Foam This is a patented technology that gives your feet the cushioning a shock absorption you need. The foam does not deteriorate over time so it lasts longer as well as providing more comfort for longer during the day.

Brighton Ornamentation of Jewelry No one in the industry comes close to the quality and beauty of our "real" jewelry for feet. This is what makes Brighton Footwear truly special and different from any other Footwear company--our customers can dress head to toe in Brighton.

Comfort Bottom (Rubber) Soles and Leather Soles We have both types of soles. We can provide the proper look and funtion for every design. Comfort bottom soles provide the flexibility, comfort, and durability we all need. The leather soles give us the versatility and style we all want.