I have been a jewelry for 25 years and work out of my beautiful studio in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.  Living along the Delaware River has been extremely inspirational to me because it allows me to interact with nature and enjoy its beauty.  Originally from England, my heritage fashions the distinctive patters and shapes that characterize my work.  My designs are inspiried by natural elements of the earth and relics of ancient architecture.  I hand fabricate my pieces using Argentium sterlnig sivler and 14k yellow or rose gold accents.  To add a whimsical elegance, I set some of my pieces with semi-precious stones or pearls.

All of my jewelry is 100% handmade in my studio. I am able to keep my business successful because of all the help I have from my husband, Danny, and the women in the studio.

I personally design all of my jewelry and then Fiona, Kaya, Kelsey, and Christina help me to produce the pieces for the orders. I am involved with the entire process of each piece from its start to its finish where I examine, and if need be, select and set all the stones.

I seldom draw my ideas on paper. Instead, I draw with my torch. In doing so, I give myself the freedom to take the silver beyond its limits and see what happens. I have an idea in my head and sometimes it takes a year or more to come to fruition because I like to experiment along the way. 

My business could never be possible without the assist of my multi-talented business partner husband and the skilled help from the wonderful group of talented women artists I have working for me.

--Sherry Tinsman

  • 5st119.jpg
    Three Dogwoods on Signature Chain$249.00
  • 6st183.jpg
    Vine Cuff with Double Dogwood$199.00
  • 4st27.jpg
    Jennifer Band Ring with Small Dogwood$59.00
  • 4st81.jpg
    Vine Cuff with Three Dogwoods$229.00
  • 5st147.jpg
    Jennifer Ring with Dogwood$139.00