LIFE IS an amazing journey,

filled with ups and downs, twists and turns.  Yet each life is amazing, extraordinary and wonderful.

So let's live in the moment.

Let's wring ever last drop out of every second, relationship and opportunity.  Let's live with purpose.




FINELY crafted.  Beautifully designed.  Exquisite detail.

Quality is our heritage

CHAMILIA JEWELRY is created to the strictest quality of standards, as we continually pursue the perfect blend of new technologies and old-world craftsmanship.  Using only the finest, heirloom-quality metals -- solid .925 sterling silver and 14K gold -- our team creates beautiful charms almost entirely by hand.  Accented with Swarovski crystals and zirconia -- the finest in the world -- they radiate with unsurpassed brilliance.  

As a Swarovski company, Chamilia is fortunate to be supported by quality teams around the world to help us deliver impeccably-crafted collections that last a lifetime.



Our sterling silver and 14K gold charms are treated to resist tarnishing, but sometimes they need a quick touch-up.  To do so, we recommend only using a jewelry polishing cloth.  Do no use liquid silver polish as it removes the oxidization from the charms and bracelets.  It is also recommended that you remove your jewelry before entering hot tubs or pools, as exposure to harsh chemicals can alter the appearance of you Chamilia product.


Chamilia allows returns on defective product hat is returned within two years of the date of sale.  General wear and tear is not covered by the Chamilia Warranty Policy.  This includes damage from using liquid silver polish, wearing it in pools and hot tubs and normal fading on oxidized items.  Returns must be made to Chamilia retail partners.  Proof of purchase is required.  Returns are limited to manufacturer defects.  The Chamilia warranty does not cover lost jewelry.